What's In A Logo?

Your logo is your brand.  It is often the first thing your customers see and is the identifying object that sets you or your horse apart from all the rest.  Each of our logos are custom designed to represent the image, style, feel, and emotions you want your stallion or business to elicit from your customers.  We also do custom "name" branding for stallions so that your stallion has a consistent brand and image every time your customers see his advertisements, website, Facebook page, and other promotional materials. 

Custom logos start at $250

Hand drawn and vectorized logos are $450

Each logo includes the master Illustrator file, a png file with a transparent background, and a jpg file for sharing on social media.


We use a combination of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects to take your hand-crafted logo to the next level. Each logo is either digitally made and vectorized, or hand-drawn with pen and paper or a Wacom tablet and vectorized so your logo looks great on ANY promotional item you want to place it on!

Escobar Quarter Horses Brand

Shawnee Horse Sales LLC Logo With Gold O

Shawnee Horse Sales LLC

Elite Equine Massage and Flexion Therapy

The Hideout LLC Logo

SS Cattle Company Logo 2 Final

Holman Halter Horses Logo Final Silver

Vital PCS Logo

Legal N Twisted Logo

Zaorski Equine Enterprises Brand and log

Lil Equine LLC Logo Final

My Big Guns R Smoken Logo

Poston Horse Company Logo Silver

Dualin With A King Logo

Dry Creek Stallion Station Logo

Desire Rey

Metallic Malice

Solo Select Horses LLC

Sidewinder Cat


Dunit magnum Style

Spots Heff

Brother Tuff Wood


Smart Pink Cat

A Masked Asset

Eric Frick's Horseshoeing

Eight Springs Ranch Brand

Eight Springs Ranch


Merritt Farms

Super Corona

Get Me Some Tail

Hunziker Show Horses

I-44 Horses

Jensen Performance Horses

Jessie Spears

Kings Smoken Gun 13

Love to Hotrod

MV Legendary Logo

One Shiney Metallic

Whiskey For My Mocca

TNT Paint Horses

Tin Star Ranch

This Is Lazy

Golden Injunuity

Smokin Hot Playmate

Rocking Horse Massage

REygans Smart Lena

Gypsy Meadows


FG Totally A Charmer Name



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