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What's In A Logo?

Your logo is your brand.  It is often the first thing your customers see and is the identifying object that sets you or your horse apart from all the rest.  Each of our logos are custom designed to represent the image, style, feel, and emotions you want your stallion or business to elicit from your customers.  We also do custom "name" branding for stallions so that your stallion has a consistent brand and image every time your customers see his advertisements, website, Facebook page, and other promotional materials. 

Custom logos start at $265 plus tax.

Hand drawn and vectorized logos are $650 plus tax.

Each logo includes the master Illustrator file, a png file with a transparent background, and a jpg file for sharing on social media, and up to 2 revisions before final artwork is delivered.

After Effects Logo Vector.jpg
Adobe Illustrator Vector.jpg
Photoshop Vector.jpg

Custom Logo Design

It takes a minimum of 12 exposures to a brand or logo for your customers to identify your brand with your business. Think of Nike and Starbucks whose logos are simplistic and iconic. 

A custom logo is the perfect start to your marketing needs and gives your business or stallion the polished, professional look needed to stand out from the crowd in today's tough market.

Each custom logo includes a vectorized adobe illustrator file for screen printing or embroidery, a transparent png file overlaying on photos, advertisements, or business cards, and a jpeg file you can share on the web. 

Metallic Malice Logo on white card.jpg

Digital Logo

$265 Plus Tax

Digital Logos are fully custom and include font and graphic, 2 draft concepts, and up to 2 revisions of 1 draft.

2 Drafts

2 Revisions of 1 Draft

Hand-Drawn Vector

$650 Plus Tax

Hand Drawn vectors are fully custom and include a font and graphic, 2 draft concepts, and up to 2 revisions of 1 draft.

2 drafts

2 Revisions of 1 Draft

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