Photography is so much more than just the type of equipment you use to get the shot. While a premium camera and lens are important, you have to consider positioning, lighting, and of course, post processing. So much happens in the post processing portion that can take your photos to the next level. This photo is the first "fantasy" shoot that I've done and edited. If you would like to take your photos to the next level, give me a call or book your session online now. 


1. Editing and Compositing- When you book a photoshoot with me, you don't get flat, emotionless photos. You get photos that capture the essence of you and your horse. Professional color correcting, and retouching is included in all sessions. Want a new background or a fantasy edit? I can create anything you want. I painstakingly edit each of your photos so that you have true art to hang on your wall and share on social media.

2.) Included Images - Each of my session packages include fully edited and retouched released images and/or social media images. All packages include a specific number of released photos that are valued at more than what the session price costs.

3). Pricing - You don't have to pay for prints if you don't want prints. Your flat rate session fee includes released images or released and social media images. I'm not saying I wouldn't like for you to order beautiful prints to hang on your wall, but my pricing and included images and products don't force you to.

4). All stallion and show horse sessions include ad design. If you are booking one stallion or show horse, you get 1 free ad design. If you book a session for 10 stallions or show horses, you get 10 ad designs in addition to the released and social media images included in the package.

5). I specialize in stallions - This does not mean that I won't photograph all your broodmares, foals, and show horses. However, my entire business is built around stallion and show horse promotion. When you book a shoot with me you get the full promotion experience, on my website, on my business page, on my private page, and on your social media pages.

6). I can create an entire marketing plan and design the materials for you all based around your business and the photos of horses we just took - I'm not just talking advertising. Anyone can advertise. I'm referring to actual marketing plans. What makes my marketing plans different? I possess a Master's of Business Administration with a Specialization in Marketing. I can help you take your equine business from zero to hero. Just ask me how!

7). I can build your entire online marketing and advertising presence - I have the skills to create eye catching logos, flyers, websites, and more! You don't have to go hunt down a graphic designer to turn your photos into the marketing materials that you want. I can do all of it in house and save you money!

8). I take my time to make sure I get the shots that you want. I don't limit my customers to only conformation shots, or only action shots. A typical shoot often consists of conformation shots, head shots, liberty shots, under saddle shots, black background shots, and even fantasy edits.

9). I'm a horsewoman. I know what it takes to win and I know the look it takes to get there. I didn't become a multiple world champion by being a slacker. Therefore, I'm not afraid to help you prepare your horse for your shoot both in person on location, and before the session. Each session includes a session prep guide with grooming tips and training tips (if needed) to teach your horse how to stand up properly in photos for those pesky conformation shots.

10). You get what you pay for. Nobody likes to feel like they were ripped off. You will NEVER received unprocessed photos from me. You will be receiving high quality, high resolution images for all your marketing and advertising needs. Good photography is an investment and the post processing of that photography is where the majority of man hours are spent to take your photos from exceptional to unbelievable.

11). I like to have fun! I'm not afraid to come up with different ideas for your shoot. You don't have to stick to the same old hum drum. We can do the hum drum and then step it up a notch to create some stunning imagery that will leave your jaw dropping.

12). Still feeling nervous about the investment? No worries. I'll gladly walk you through each package and explain, in detail, everything that is included, and also provide a price comparison of the savings as if everything were itemized.




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