If you're like most equine farms or ranches, you have a website, but it's just a one-way information center on the web. You have no idea who has clicked through your web pages, how long they visited, the horses they were interested in, or how to get ahold of them if they left your site. You probably have a very primitive way of storing your visitor's contact info so that you can keep them informed.

Horsepower Graphics can change all that for you for a fraction of the cost that other web designers charge. 

  • Change your website content when you want, and how you want it. No maintenance fees and we will teach you how to edit your site. It's easy! Even the technologically challenged can maintain their own site after it's built.

  • A website fully integrated with your social media accounts so you can reach all your existing and potential customers all the time.

  • A website fully integrated with a CRM (customer relationship management) system that allows you to respond to inquiries, send emails, and keep your customers and their needs and wish lists organized. This translates to profit for you! You can also do all your invoicing, contracts, and so forth from here as well.

  • A website that allows you to live chat with your customers. Never miss an interested sales party or breeding inquiry!

  • Access your database and website from your mobile phone!

  • Your integrated website will allow you to cut your advertising budget!

Below are a few of the sites I've recently designed. I am currently in the process of building five more sites and those will be added when completed.


Web Design starts at $1500 for a site without CRM integration. If you would like the advantages of CRM integration the build fee starts at $2700 and goes up depending on the CRM and database integrations that are needed. Take advantage of integrating your Facebook Page, allowing your customers to download or complete and submit breeding contracts online, pay for their breeding, pay their training bills, and so much more right from your website!