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Custom Hand Drawn Vector Logo

Custom Hand Drawn Vector Logo

PriceFrom $650.00
Excluding Sales Tax

Your logo is your brand.  It is often the first thing your customers see and is the identifying object that sets you or your horse apart from all the rest.  Each of our logos are custom designed to represent the image, style, feel, and emotions you want your stallion or business to elicit from your customers.  We also do custom "name" branding for stallions so that your stallion has a consistent brand and image every time your customers see his advertisements, website, Facebook page, and other promotional materials.

  • What's Included?

    Because hand drawn logos are so specialized, I need you to be as specific as possible with your vision for your logo. You will receive 1 concept to review and you will have up to two revisions for that concept. Additional revisions will be billed at $100 per revision. 

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